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Establishment of Companies (UK)

The start of a new business in Germany is often associated with the issue of the separation of company capital from private ownership and the consequence of these considerations is usually the choice to establish a capital company in Germany.

In case of normal business activity, for a natural person, as in Poland also in Germany, you are responsible for any errors, delays or deliberate actions of third parties (eg not a competent manager), the third party liability insurance solution is the liability insurance which unfortunately raises costs business activity in Germany depending on the risk in the amount of, let’s say, 140 € per month, therefore a justified form of activity in some cases is a company with its own legal personality and corresponding only to the amount of capital contribution.

In Germany, the most popular forms of capital companies are GmbH and UG.

GmbH Company
- capital contribution of 25 thousand € (paid up capital in cash on account is at least half of it, ie 12500 €)
- general rules similar to z.o.o in Poland
- own legal personality
- the possibility of contributing

- capital contribution of 1 € (at least to be paid up to approx. 1 thousand € to cover the first obligations of the company)
- general rules similar to z.o.o in Poland
- own legal personality
- no possibility to submit reports to raise capital
- the obligation to set aside 25% of profit annually to raise capital to 25,000 € and transform into a mold GmbH

As can be inferred from the above list, UG is governed by almost the same rights as the GmbH company, but in a sense it is a legal entity with a temporary form to GmbH.


Our consulting on the basis of a contract of mandate helps at every stage of the formation of a capital company.

Our competence is:

 Preparation of deadlines at the notary public
 Collecting all necessary information from the client to present them to the notary public to prepare a draft contract of the company
Presence at a meeting with a notary public and, if necessary, organization of a sworn interpreter
Guaranteeing the German address for the company
Arrangement of deadlines at the bank
Presence in the bank to create an account and deposit capital
Contact with the notary public after the payment of capital
Receipt of court letters and information about the payment of court fees
Monitoring court announcements for information on registering a company
Business registration for the company
Possible cost simulations and brokering in the selection of insurance, for example, process costs
Transfer of accounting to a tax adviser (including opening balance sheet)
Current support for company correspondence, including archiving and digitizing documents and providing Online

At your disposal is also contact by email and via the contact form on THIS WEBSITE

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