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On 24 June 2016, the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union became a fact.

Implications related to the end of the era of "intra-Community supplies of goods and services" and the associated increase in costs (frozen amounts of input VAT charged to the time of its settlement and return, additional fees for customs agencies, limiting the price competitiveness of products in relation to products manufactured in Great Britain, etc ...) as well as currently unknown legal regulations for companies in England or capital groups with capital participation from outside England, including management and employment of managers including CEOs / Owners of companies residing in the European Union - causes that Germany as a country belonging to the European Union with a large sales market, even among German-speaking countries, is currently the best alternative to setting up limited liability companies in the form of UG (equivalent to Ltd.), targeting their products to the same outlet or linking their habits of working with Germany as a stable country Politically and economically.

The genesis of capital companies with their own legal personality in the form of UG is, as a measure of a fresh initiative of the German government for the citizens of the European Union in the form of an alternative to cheap companies Ltd.

Apart from the issues of capital companies, regardless of the form in which one wants to set up a business in Germany (a company for a natural person, civil partnership, limited partnership, subsidiary, etc ..) Germany as a politically and economically stable market as well as its countries neighboring (German-speaking) and other federal states - they are currently the best choice that is fully economically justified.

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